Bilton House, 5 Bawnmore Road, Rugby CV22 7QH Text size: A A A
Telephone: 01788 813 147

Living at Bilton House


The majority of our 37 rooms are single occupancy with the opportunity for one to be shared. Each room has en-suite facilities and residents can enjoy their own privacy as they wish. Everyone is encouraged to personalise their own room. Pictures, ornaments, books, radios, TVs, furniture, etc are all welcome. Naturally soft furnishings must comply with fire regulations; electrical items are safety checked on arrival and annually at no cost to the resident. Many residents have their own personal telephone line and this can be installed for anyone requiring one.


Our Respite room can be reserved in advance. This allows Bilton House to offer care and support when close relatives or other carers are on holiday,  recovering from an illness or operation or just need a break from routine. Respite guests have all the facilities and activities of the house available to them.


Friends and relatives are always welcome. There are no set time limits or timetable, although we have now come into line with hospitals and introduced protected meal times. Visitors are asked to sign in and out for reasons of security but there are no other formalities. Residents can meet their visitors in their own rooms, in any of the lounges or in the garden on a fine day (wherever they feel most comfortable).

Visiting Services

A hairdresser, a chiropodist, an optician and a dentist visit the house on a regular basis. Residents pay for these services individually.